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Are You There?

We sure are!

gackt_stillness is going to come back. For the real, yo. Gackt-sama deserves wonderful, beautiful icons made in his name so I am truly believing that we can bring it back.

Don't you all agree?

2007 is the year of his rebirth, so therefore this community can share in that as well.

We're looking for more moderators, in order to make this easier.

Moderators will need to:

1. Post. (Submission post, Reminders, Voting post, Another Reminder, Winners Post, then lastly Banners post)
2. Look for affiliates. :-\ We need to get some major plugs to bring gackt_stillness back to life, people!

About moderators. They CAN submit icons, but only if they aren't modding that week's voting post. And they'd better choose a good week to do so. O.o


We do need banner makers, please! I can make some, but not all of them. T_T I'm busy oftentimes, and I barely get a chance to make my own icons. Chances are you'll get a craptacular banner instead of a wonderful one celebrating your excellence!

(banners would only need to be of 100 width and 300 length, 100x100 taken up by the winning icon)

All right. Let's work together to make this community live again!

(If we can get enough response, the next submission post should be up soon.)
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