suqua (suqua) wrote in gackt_stillness,

We're Not Dead.

I promise. I've been overlooking it, but now that I have the time (I hated finals, people! But I know I passed Japanese, WOOT! I LOVE!) and I've enjoyed a bit of summer just for myself...but I'll start my job soon (nanny) and besides that I'll have loads of free time. So, internet. I want to make this function again.

Are you still out there?

Submissions for this week (a brand new week?!) gasp! will be up some time soon, probably by Friday, dig?

The TWO people (too lazy to go find out names) who entered the last contest will get 'thank you' banners, not real placement...but regardless, they made BEAUTIFUL icons. They'll be bigger than the regular banners, diiiiig?

Word, word.

Anyway, thanks to you two. I totally love your icons. :3 *steals them forever* Ha ha. I'll keep them locked up in a closet!

Dude, it's late now. About 4:30 in the morning, I should be sleeping. Isn't tomorrow...No wait, fourth is two days...Okay! Happy early fourth of July day! Happy Death of Independence Day~! WHooooo. J/K. FIREWORKS!

(I should not do this when I'm half awake.)
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